New MOGL features available!

    • MOGL has always been easy to use, but some changes on our website have made it even easier. With a new search design, which increases its functionality, you can now find the exact kind of restaurant you are looking for.


    • We have also added both Twitter and Facebook links to the business profile page. So for all you social media enthusiasts, you can reach out to your favorite MOGL venue with a simple click.


    • You will also notice that the Earnings Bar is now across the top of the page, which means you can see how much money you have earned back at just a glance.


    • MOGL venues already provide great food and service, but there is always room for improvement. After you earn cash back, you will now receive an email that allows you to let the restaurant know how you feel via Twitter or Facebook as well!
    • In addition, the MOGL Android and Iphone Apps just got even better. Some of the improvements include new business attributes and improved searching. You can now access awesome new information right on your phone!

    Enjoy the new features and please let us know what you think in the Help section!


    MOGL has a new Home!

    MOGL may have a new address, but we’re still bringing that same attitude: MAKING THE WORLD’S ACTIVITIES MORE FUN!  We’ve uprooted our Solana Beach offices and high tailed it to the San Diego Tech Center in the heart of Sorrento Valley.  The Grassy tech campus allows us more room to stretch our paws, and comes equipped with gym, basketball court, and a five-acre Zen garden. Which has MO excited too!

    Sticking with the MOGL motto for making activities more fun, we’ve taken that mind set straight into the work place.   The MOGL touch can be seen throughout the new office.  We said goodbye to the previous cold tile floors, windowless offices,  drab yellow paint, and blew out walls to create an open and inviting new space. Keeping it simple but classy, we now have the elements needed to foster those creative juices. 

    All MOGL employees are centralized, sitting elbow-to-elbow in a think tank that encourages innovation and a long-term vision, a core value for MOGL employees.  The office is far from standard.  We’ve got the basics, like a fully stocked kitchen/bar, 20 person conference room, and entire walls covered in whiteboard paint for brainstorming.   Of course, we didn’t stop there! The MOGL office is complete with game room, relaxation room, and green Razor scooters for in-office transportation that embody the kind of fun we like to have around here.

    We started with eating out in our quest to make the world’s activities more fun. Now with the new office in full swing, we’re making work more fun too!  Check out the Facebook page for some of the new office pictures and see how MOGL rolls! 
    Check the MOGL Facebook Album here!


    Over 20,000 meals donated by MOGL users!!

    Recently, MOGL announced that it had reached over 11,000 meals donated on behalf of our generous customers. Now, that number has almost doubled!!

    As of January 6 2012, MOGL will have given out over 20,000 meals to those in need! By teaming up with Feeding America in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, MOGL joined the fight against huger- working from within the community to donate locally. Providing 20,000 meals is an amazing achievement, big thanks to MOGL users!  

    With your continued help, we can reach our goal of 25,000 by February 1st, 2012!

    The more we know about the scope of hunger in our communities, the better equipped we are to face it. If you would like to give more of your money or time, please visit Feeding America San Diego (


    MOGL’s Friends with Benefits Contest - January 2012!! Win a Kindle Fire!

    MOGL wants to start 2012 off with a bang, and what better way to do it than by giving away money AND a fantastic grand prize?!!  In honor of our awesome new Friends with Benefits program, we are reaching out to our loyal MOGL members to help us spread the word!  We’ve decided to add a little twist this January to get those competitive juices flowing.  As you may know, whenever you get a friend to sign up for MOGL, for FREE, you are both rewarded with $10.  Well, we think that our fabulous members deserve an even bigger reward for spreading the MOGL love in the new year.  As of January 1st 2012, MOGL will be launching its first Friends with Benefits contest!!  Not only will you still receive $10 when you refer your friends to MOGL, but now you’ll be competing to win a Kindle Fire!  

    From January 1-31st 2012, MOGL will be keeping track of how many friends you have referred to MOGL using your own personal code!  Our top 3 users who have referred the most friends (users who have linked a credit/debit card) will then be rewarded with awesome prizes!!    

    1st place - Kindle Fire
    2nd place - $50 to spend at a MOGL venue of your choice 
    3rd place - $25 to spend at a MOGL venue of your choice 

    Participating in the Friends with Benefits Contest is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. If you are not an existing user, sign up for MOGL now for free!
    2. Refer as many friends as possible to the program using your personal referral code.  (i.e.
    3. Check MOGL’s Facebook page for weekly rankings to see where you stand in the competition.

    The more you spread the MOGL love, the better your chances are at that awesome grand prize!  And remember there is no limit to how many new members you can refer to MOGL using your personal referral code.

    A few important things to know while participating in this contest:

    • Only MOGL users with individual referral codes will be included in the standings. (no restaurant referral codes will apply, as well as current MOGL employees.)
    • In order for your Friends with Benefits to count towards your ranking, the users you refer MUST be signed up with an active credit card or debit card.
    • Referrals for this contest will only be counted starting from January 1st-31st, 2012.  
    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place will be annouced during the first week of February.

    So get out there starting January 1st 2012, and start spreading the word! With that said,  LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!


    $10 for sign up and $10 for signing up your friends!

    Who doesn’t need some extra cash for the holidays? At MOGL, we’re in the giving spirit and hope you are too. The new $10 for $10 program adds a little incentive to giving the gift of MOGL- presents that won’t be subjected to your classy newspaper wrapping. You’ll get $10 each time one of your friends signs up with MOGL, while they also receive $10 just for starting to use MOGL! You’re giving them $10, they’re giving you $10, and MOGL is paying you both!

     When you sign up a friend just make sure they use your personalized referral code, which is your full  name (i.e. JohnDoe), Then they’ll get $10 and you’ll get $10 as soon as they start using MOGL!

    MOGL- the gift that gives year round!


    iPhone update is now available!

    Get Mobile with MOGL!  We’re excited to announce that MOGL has just released an updated version of our iPhone mobile app into the iTunes App Store. With the new iPhone app, MOGL has gone native and built an entire new app from the ground up.  The native app will provide users with increased speed, better user experience, and be much more responsive overall. 

    Preview the app here:

    Users can access all of their favorite MOGL restaurants seamlessly and on-the-go and the updated skin merges familiarity in usage with an enticing and fresh new look. Below are some of the key features you can find on the native app.

    Highlights of the new Restaurant Profile section include:

    • The ability to search a business by name
    • View the restaurant Jackpots
    • See the distance of a restaurant from your current location

    iPhone Screenshot 1

    • Easily access restaurant photos and logos
    • Restaurant pages offer a detail section, directions and access to more venue photos

    iPhone Screenshot 2

    • New Interactive movable Map which updates venues as you change location

    Highlights of your Personal Profile section include:

    • Ability to see your current monthly rankings at all MOGL venues
    • Total cash-back earnings for the month
    • Jackpots won
    • Meals Donated

    • Edit profile settings on-the-go

    iPhone Screenshot 4

    If you haven’t installed it already, download the app to place the powers of MOGL at your fingertips! If you already have the app, you should be able to easily update right now from your phone. 

    With the new and improved MOGL iPhone app you can now roam free and unleashed like MO at the dog park!

    Preview the app here:


    A Very MOGL Movember

    Tom Selleck had a crime fighting one; Charlie Chaplain had a small one; Burt Reynolds had many. It’s Movember, which means that here at MOGL, upper lips are getting an extra shot of fuzzy manhood!

    In order to raise awareness and funds for mens’ health, specifically prostate cancer, men around the country are growing, trimming and shaping their mustaches in support of the internationally growing tradition of Movember. Ladies can participate too, and you don’t need to look like Frida Khalo, either.  You can show your support for the Mo Bro’s in your life and seek out sponsorship for their growing efforts!

    By simply reaching out to friends and family, your efforts can raise money to support men’s prostate cancer research while the furry billboard on your upper lip raises awareness. As more people become citizens of Movember, more lives will be impacted. Take part in the Moustachery, and join MOGL in an effort to change the face of mens health!

    You can donate to MOGL’s mustache warriors here:

    If you’d like to find out more about the programs funded by Movember, please visit:

    We’ll keep the hair of the wild growing here at MOGL, so stay tuned!


    Android update now available!

    We just released an updated version of our mobile app into the Android Market. If you haven’t gotten it already go get it now! 

    Right here

    If you already have the app you should be able to easily update right now from your phone. We’ve redesigned the app to better match the website redesign we did in August. We’ve also attempted to respond to some of the problems associated with the old app like made viewing parts of your profile easier and more intuitive.

    Check out the pictures below and stay tuned because the Iphone app update should be along shortly as well! 


    MOGL has donated 10,000 meals to families in need… Wait make that 11,000!

    As you may or may not know MOGL has joined the fight against hunger by teaming up with Feeding America in Los Angeles, Orange County and of course San Diego. We were planning to announce that we had surpassed 10,000 meals at the beginning of this week which is an amazing achievement in itself. However, we underestimated the amazing work of all our MOGL users and are happy to announce that MOGL will have given out over 11,000 meals as of November 9, 2011!

    About our Meal for a Meal Program

    In the last few years, the issue of hunger has become increasingly important and food insecurity is a reality in many communities. With our Meal for a Meal donation program, MOGL is able to help families put food on the table all throughout Southern California. 

    Each and every time a MOGL member spends $20 or more at a participating restaurant,  we will donate a meal to someone in need.  MOGL is committed to alleviating hunger by getting meal assistance to those who need it most.

    Wondering what you can do to help?

    Its simple, all you need to do is dine out at any MOGL restaurant!  With purchase of $20 or more, you too will be joining the fight against hunger-relief.

    We are proud to announce that 10,997 Meals have been donated since we have teamed up with Feeding America San Diego.  However, our fight doesn’t end here….  With your help we can reach our goal of 12,500 donated meals by December 1st.

    The more we know about the scope of hunger in our communities, the better equipped we are to face it. If you would like to give more of your money or time, please visit Feeding America San Diego (


    MOGL Is Hiring!

    We need some help here at MOGL and we’re looking for some great people to help us. If you want to join the MOGL team in helping reward awesome consumers with cash-back from their favorite awesome restaurants then we think that would be awesome!

    Hiring For:

    Senior Web Developer

    Copywriting Intern

    Marketing Analyst Internship